Breaking the Myths
of Male Orgasm

Video 2:  The Anxious Masculine




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  1. Once again I really enjoyed how you explained what is a difficult subject to explain — how the perception of the masculine/feminine aspects of us men have changed since the 1960s or so. I have to say this is probably the most confusing thing I find in my sexuality, particularly that part that I show the world. I simply have no role models to help direct me, and I think you Sol, are my best bet! I have noted that when I get angry and pissed off, it is often a turn-on to my long-term partner, and I think she is reacting to the natural aggression which we men once showed as a matter of course. Of course she likes the sensitive side too. However, outside the bedroom and out in the world, I believe being aggressive in a so-called “negative” way would almost universally be condemned. And I am not advocating men being angry and pissed off all the time, but I think sexual polarity does not fit in neatly with moral values of western polite society and therein lies my confusion. In my relationship, I am often more “feminine” OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM, looking after kids, cooking, being nurturing, trying to be that rounded good guy. I have licence from my partner IN THE BEDROOM to alternate between controlled aggression and sensitivity, according to my inner-guidance system, and, as you can possibly tell, I have a pretty awesome soul mate. I do a lot of sport to help during those times when my aggression is threatening to get overwhelming. My aggression is mainly verbal, pretty harmless and posturing, and NEVER violent I might add though physical exercise helps. Is there anything you can advise me with Sol on how to balance my feminine/masculine, both in but particularly outside the bedroom, plus any thoughts on men and aggression and how it links with sexual polarity?

  2. Sol, great insights. Do you have any resources or books to recommend on the further exploration of the Limbic connection with other males? I’ve experienced this myself when learning from mentors and the process completely transformed my psyche and I’d definitely like to find more information on it.

    • Hey Ryan… Great question.
      I first came across the idea of Limbic Resonance in the book ‘The General Theory of Love’ which is a MUST READ.
      A lot has been said about the Limbic Resonance a child has with his or her mother, but it also applies to the father.
      It’s a distinctly mammalian trait that doesn’t discern between male and female – just humans in general.
      Check out the book. It’s a great read…


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