Breaking the Myths
of Male Orgasm

Video 3: The Soul Of Self-Cultivation




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  1. You’re the first person, Sol, whom I have personally come across who has clearly
    linked the practice of meditation with becoming more multi-orgasmic, though lots and books and articles I have read have alluded to it. Common sense though would tell us I guess that being more relaxed would give us access to increased pleasure, right? I have practiced meditation for 15 years and the last five years more intensely, up to three hours a day, sometimes guided meditations, sometimes just sitting. I do have a heightened awareness of subtle pleasure in my body during sex — energy shooting down my legs, heat in my torso, a relaxed state of mind, and a mellow yet focused presence, but I really want to go further and further. I still don’t feel a lot of energy up and down my spine during sex which I am told is a key aspect of becoming multi-orgasmic. My partner and I often synchronise our breathing which we find really effective, as is focusing on visualising internal energy. I have done the “Reframing the Mind in the Body” exercise twice and this morning I felt really loose and relaxed afterwards, though pretty stiff while performing it. I’ll keep up with that and the kidney breathing you suggest and I’ll see what happens. Thanks again, I am lapping up this stuff and will keep meditating too!!!

    • Hey again Mark.

      Thanks for the awesome comments brother. Keep ’em coming!

      I want to address your statement.. “I still don’t feel a lot of energy up and down my spine during sex which I am told is a key aspect of becoming multi-orgasmic.”.

      What is often problematic is that a lot of guys have a preconceived expectation of what it should or shouldn’t feel like, and that you are meant to feel sensations shooting up and down your spine etc. This is a false idea, and one that will only lead to frustration.

      While some men may feel this, others will feel it differently. There’s no standard.
      What is consistent is that no matter how you feel it, it will become more intense and full bodied as your journey continues.

      Be with WHAT IS, and have no expectations.
      Enjoy the subtle as much as the strong, and you will continuously be rewarded and surprised at what emerges.


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